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Bob Ashley

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Bob Ashley's Home Page

Last updated: 16 June 2009, 0957 ET.

Welcome to House Bowlrz, Inc.

The History of House Bowlrz

    The House Bowlrz were a group of six men who knew each other through various bowling leagues at a local bowling center but never on the same team ... until September 1995. That was when the first edition of the House Bowlrz took flight, in the (now defunct) commercial league at Bowl America Chantilly.

So What Is a "House Bowler"?

    It was started by a good friend and one of the original House Bowlrz ... in summary, a "house bowler" is one who can excel in one particular bowling center but cannot maintain those high standards at other centers.

    A synonym, as contributed by Mixed Signals Bowling league member Ric Martin, is to be called a "house mouse" (or "house rat", depending on your perspective).

Are The House Bowlrz Still Together?

    Not entirely ... the winter season of 1995-1996 was the only one for the original House Bowlrz. However, four of the original six members carry the torch on Thursday evenings as the House Bowlrz, Part Duh. You can find them in the Mixed Signals Bowling league during the winter months. The summer edition racked up three straight championships (1996 to 1998) in the now defunct and Summer Mixed Classics.

... Part Duh??

    The movie Hot Shots! had a sequel that simply added Part Deux to distingush itself from its predecessor. It seemed fitting that the House Bowlrz do the same thing but, seeing that the name would carry on for seasons to come, wanted something a little more meaningful and humorous.

    Thus, Part Duh came to identify the Thursday editions and also represent those evenings when the scores shot by the House Bowlrz are less than stellar.